Solution for Linux IP Masquerade users to run Warftpd behind a firewall! =)

Solution for Linux IP Masquerade users to run Warftpd behind a firewall! =)

Post by Mous » Tue, 02 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hello everyone. =)

I would just like to share a little info with some of you who have been
asking the question "HOW do I run warftpd if I am behind a Linux IP
Masquerade box?"...  Well, after searching around I finally figured it out
(some of you more experienced Linux users might have already done this)...

Here's what you do:

1) visit and read all
the information there and apply the ipportfw patch to your kernel source
code (that comes with Redhat 5.2).
2) recompile your kernel with the CONFIG_IP_MASQUERADE_IPPORTFW option and
3) run the ipportfw program (if you read everything on the page I told you
to go to, you'd know to compile the ipportfw.c program and run it) like

ipportfw -A -t123.45.67.89/21 -R

Where is your Linux box's real ip address, and is
the internal LAN (not visible to outside world) ip of your Windows box
running the WarFTP Daemon...

That's it!  Now you'll be able to use Warftpd with it's awesome feature-set
and extreme speed increase over that slow Wu-FTPd and it's complex
configuration matters.
--==update==--  The new Linux 2.2 kernel includes port forwarding in the
source code, so hopefully the next release of Redhat Linux will have this
cool utility builtin!  :)


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I have a Windows-based FTP server (G6) behind a linux firewall box
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with the out side world. I can connect to this server from the
outside, but PASV doesn't work. I have rules that allow ports above
1023 for the PASV traffic and I also had put the FTP server on a
haigher port other than 21.  I portfw'd the same port through to the
internal Windows machine running the ftp server as well as forwarding
the ftp-data. I have the ip_masq_ftp module loaded. I'm not sure why
PASV doesn't work.

Also, the other thing I'm trying to get working is communicating with
this same FTP server from a client within another linux-firewalled
(also using ipchains and portfw rules) LAN. I can connect, but can't
get any data transfers going, including directory listings, using
either PASV or regular FTP. I'm not sure if I should be forwarding
ftp-data to the internal machine running the ftp client.

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