lpd TCP port number

lpd TCP port number

Post by Juergen Hein » Sat, 09 Aug 1997 04:00:00

>Is there a way to specify/control the OUTGOING TCP port number that lpd uses?

lpd port# might help (if you do not want to change /etc/services).

Bye, Juergen

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1. lp: getconnection: bad port number for LPD connection!


I can't seem to go very long before a problem crops up. I'm using RH 7.0
and I've been printing to an HP 8000 postscript printer for months using
gpr, lpr, etc. It was working just a short while ago and then when I
tried to print from netscape or gv or anything else, I would get:

lp: getconnection: bad port number for LPD connection!
check 'lpd-port' in configuration file, or the
/etc/services file for a missing 'printer 515/tcp' entry - No such file
or directory
Status Information:

 connecting to 'localhost', attempt 1
 cannot open connection to localhost - No such file or directory
Make sure LPD server is running on the server

I've tried to use lpr with postscript files, etc. It used to work just
fine from any program that could print. I have a remote printer  called
lp set up using printtool (the HP 8000 postscript using the raw queue).
I also set up another queue lp0 to do the same thing. (They were
identical printcap entries created by printtool.)

##PRINTTOOL3## REMOTE POSTSCRIPT 1200x1200 ledger {} HPLaserJet8000_PS
Default {}
##PRINTTOOL3## REMOTE POSTSCRIPT 1200x1200 letter {} HPLaserJet8000_PS
Default {}

I haven't changed anything in weeks. There is an entry for printing in
/etc/services. There are also entries for telnet and ftp.

I've restarted the lpd daemon (several times). I've stoped and started
the network connection. I can ping the printer at Other
people can print to the printer (although I'm tempted to turn it off
just to see). I've even rebooted to try to put things right.

I've checked that lpd is running (it is!). I could have sworn that when

different. But I don't remember how it was different or even where that
info is stored.

One other weird thing happened when I was investigating. I would try to
use telnet and ftp, and I would get messages that they were unknown
services. When I repeatedly tried, eventually I was able to use telnet
and ftp.

telnet: tcp/telnet: unknown service

I will greatly appreciate any help! Thanks. If you need any other info,
just ask.

Rick Bilonick

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