Need help: BOOTP + nfsroot kernel above 2.0.32

Need help: BOOTP + nfsroot kernel above 2.0.32

Post by tho.. » Wed, 19 May 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,

i ad set up a diskles X-erminal th SuSE5.1 which had kernel 2.0.32 and
work fine. Now I want to upgrade to SuSE6.1 both the server and the
client. All runs fine so far except the client doesn't boot. The reason
is that the BOIOTP request doesn't reach the dhcpd of the server. I can
see in /var/log/messages the DHCP-request of the bootprom, and the
tftp-requests of the used bootstrapper up to the point where the kernel
vmlinuz is delivered. I can see the delivered kernel boot up to the
BOOTP-request which isn't seen in /var/log/messages and times out.
I tried kernel 2.0.36 and kernel 2.2.5 with same result. The old 2.0.32
works fine.

Is this a bug in the new kernel versions or what could be the reason ?

Thanks for your help.

(Please send your answers to this news group instead of my email.)