IP Traffic Limiter / Control....... Heeelp :=)

IP Traffic Limiter / Control....... Heeelp :=)

Post by Runar Lyngm » Sun, 02 Jan 2000 04:00:00


I'm been looking around on the internet for some information on how to
install IP traffic limiter/control on my linux box, PR.IP basis...
I found Rshaper, and tried it, but i don't think it does what it's supposed
and i found something about QoS/CbQ, but the last one i can't figure out..
so i wondered if there where anyone that could help me??
maybe there are som other ways to do it??

Runar Lyngmo - www.lyngmo.net


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I run a linux (RH5.2) IP-Masq router at home, with a cable modem connected
to it.

My ISP allows a maximum of 300MB download a day. I already got several
warning messages telling me that they are going to end my contract if i
continue to overpass this amount, but this is reached quickly without even
having an idea...)

I've tried using packet sniffer's etc, but it's to much hassle.

Is there a way of having the router send a warning message (issue command
that sends winpopup messages) at 250MB of RX traffic, and shutdown an eth
interface automatically when it has reached 300MB of RX traffic ???

I am sure that this is possible with some sort of script ran in
cron.minuteley that checks the incomming traffic reached, and takes actions
using commands when at 250 or 300MB. (ifconfig shows only packets, not bytes

+ I am not good at writing complex shell scripts like this.
Can anyone advise me on a way to do this task ??? (or better, can anyone
write such a script for me PLEAAAASSSEEE !!!:)

Awaiting your response eagerly,

Terrence Vergauwen

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