DIP: dip -k leaves modem in funny state?

DIP: dip -k leaves modem in funny state?

Post by Ed Vonck » Wed, 21 Feb 1996 04:00:00

: Whenever I want to quit SLIP'ing I type "dip -k" but
: this seems to leave my modem in a state where it can't
: be accessed by - for example - uucico. The error I get

I don't have my linux-box at hand, but I read (in readme for dip,
/usr/doc/dip unless you rm-ed it ;) that DIP indeed quits without
reseting the modem.

: I can reset the modem by hand, but I'm looking for a
: more elegant way. Doesn't dip reset the modem, and if
: not, is there another way to do it?

There was something about using the exit or reset command in there,
maybe that helps. If not, send me email and I'll look it up in my


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1. set up uugetty, but dip leaves modem in 'weird' state.

I have been using my linux machine for a while using dip/slip
for outgoing. I recently decided to configure for incoming,
so I set up /etc/deafaults and /etc/gettydefs and /etc/inittab
to use uugetty to monitor the serial port for

I have found that I can no longer dial in after finishing a
dip/slip session....the phone rings w/out the modem picking up.
If I kell the uugetty process and let it respawn (so then it reads
the defaults and gettydef file), I can dial in and it picks up.
Just running init q doesn't respawn the getty correctly (or so it
seems). It's like the dip/slip process is leaving the modem/serial
port in a weird state....like switching off the autoanswer.

Like I said, the only way for incoming calls after a dip/slip session
to get picked up is to kill the current getty....

Why is this?


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