New Class C can't reach the outside Internet world

New Class C can't reach the outside Internet world

Post by Larry Jam » Mon, 24 Feb 1997 04:00:00

     I just added a new class C subnet to my business.  The other
network is  Now I have an additional
     The new machine can ping the other machines in the
network.  However, it can't ping machines in the outside world.
     All the machines in the can ping (telnet or run any
other network) any machine in the Internet.
     Can anyone advise me of the first commands or routes I should be
looking at?
     Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments.

                                -- Larry

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1. Can't reach the outside world

Until now we have been using OS/2 Warp 4 almost exclusively and have
been able to surf the net from any of our three computers. We use a
router/firewall consisting of a fourth dedicated computer, also running
Warp 4, connected between the cable modem and the LAN.

We have just installed RedHat Linux 6.1 on one of the machines, and
although all the machines can still ping each other, the Linux box
cannot make contact with "the outside world" -- not even the "public"
side of the router, i.e., the dynamic IP address assigned by our ISP.

Linux ia all prestty new to me. Where do I start looking for the


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This computer system uses IBM's OS/2 Operating System (Warp 4),
the choice of banks and other major corporations worldwide.
Totally unaffected by the Melissa, "LoveBug", and similar viruses.

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