Which host for dedicated server linux box?

Which host for dedicated server linux box?

Post by Simon Redfer » Sat, 01 Apr 2000 04:00:00


Can anyone recommend a host for a dedicated linux server? I'm going to
be running Oracle. What are the considerations - like getting a CD ROM
in the drive?! Anyone got experience of rackspace.com?




1. Linux dedicated UT server vs. Win32 dedicated server ?


I have a UT dedicated linuxserver at home. The hardware is not the fastest,
but it works good for me and my friends. We can play with 2 human players
and 4 bots. The server is a P133, 64 MB EDO Ram on an Iwill P54TS Board with
an 3c900B XT 10/100 Networking Card. Do not laugh about the fast CPU :-)

Ok, I would known if a NT Server configured on the same machine with a Win32
UT dedicated server is as fast as the linux server who is installed at the
moment. Who needs more system memory. The NT or the Linuxserver ? Who has
the better networkingperformance  ( low pings, little lag ..)

is it advisable to change from linux to NT or is it better to leave the
system as it is ?

Thanks in advance

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