2 Qs: modem connect speed indication, and mounting file system over modem link

2 Qs: modem connect speed indication, and mounting file system over modem link

Post by Stephen Sander » Thu, 04 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Is there a program or method out there that displays the modem connect
I sometimes seem to link up at a low baud rate but the modem always
responds with the internal data rate (115K) instead of what it connected
at. Is there any way to get more info from the modem when the line
is dropped, other than the fact that it did?

I also work from home and log onto our SUN boxes at work. What I would
to do is be able to mount my directory from work on my home PC so that
I can run my xemacs editor at home, but retrieve and save files to my
work system where all of our EDA tools are. I need the files on the SUN
system in order to do things like VHDL analysis and synthesis.

Thanks for the help.

Steve Sanders


1. Actiontec modem (was Re: Call Waiting Modems / Low Connect Speeds)

[posted and mailed]

[ ... ]

I also had great difficulties at first with my Actiontec call-waiting

For the first few hours after opening the box, all I could do was get
a connection at V.34 rates.  After a bunch of experimenting, I have
finally managed to get a 56K connect with my provider.  My experiments
lead me to believe there is some mistake in the documentation for
register S109.

I checked in both the printed manual that came in the box, (which,
incidentally is for a DIFFERENT modem, not the model I bought) and the
online version,


On page 39 (page 40 of the online version), S109 is documented as:

        S109=0          disable all 56K connections
        S109=1          K56flex only, V.90 disabled
        S109=2          V.90 only, K56flex disabled

My provider uses V.90 equipment, so I set S109 to 2.  But I could only
connect at V.34 rates (CONNECT 31200) no matter what I tried. I tried
S109=1 with the same results.

Then, in desperation, I tried S109=0, and bingo!  My connections are
44000, which is what I expected.

I would be VERY interested to know if this is true for other folks as
well.  Do let me know if you can connect at V.90 rates with your
actiontec, and what the S109 setting is.  

P.S.  I mailed a similar note to Actiontec on 22 January, and have yet
to hear back from them.  Tried calling their tech support yesterday
but didn't get through, despite the fact that "my call was very
important to them."


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