diald, ipfwadm and mgetty together

diald, ipfwadm and mgetty together

Post by Peter Ha » Sat, 05 Jun 1999 04:00:00

At work, I administer a small ethernet network (using addresses
in the 192.168.1.xxx range).  We use diald and ipfwadm to get
to the Internet and this works really well.

My boss now wants to spend more time out of the office (hurrah)
but needs to dial in to our network from a Windows 95/98 machine.
I have to make this happen.

I had a hunt round the Internet and it looked as if mgetty was the
answer.  I compiled and installed it and was sitting smugly when
the modem answered on the first attempt. BUT diald kicked in and
tried to call out- which of course it couldn't do.

The user (given in the Windows 95 dial up connection) had logged in
but pppd was complaining that the address of the dialup (which I
had set to was unknown. There is an entry in /etc/hosts
for this machine.

The only change to the ppp set up was to add a '*' entry in the
pap-secrets file.  I configured mgetty to use AUTO-PPP and this
seems to have worked.  I think I'm just missing something on the
pppd setup.

The Linux box is running a (reasonably) standard RedHat 5.2 setup
with Kernel version 2.0.34.   diald, mgetty and ipfwadm are all
at the latest (stable) versions.

Any pointers would be appreciated.
Peter Hall


1. mgetty and diald: has anyone used them together?

In my current setup, I use my machine alternately as a PPP server using
mgetty, and to dial out to my ISP.  I switch configurations using two
scripts that I wrote.  The scripts essentially swap ppp options files
(since they need to be slightly different in each case) and invoke the
appropriate ip-up and ip-down scripts in
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts.  I invoke my scripts by hand.

I would like to use diald to automate this whole process.  So far, I've
found I cannot just use my scripts as connect and disconnect scripts,
since diald itself wants to invoke pppd, which the scripts also do.  The
kicker is this, as I see it: I need /ppp/options files to get swapped,
as far as I can tell, since pppd has to run slightly differently for
incoming and outgoing calls, but I believe diald invokes pppd before the
connect script, which means pppd is going to pick up the wrong options.
Am I wrong on this?  Is there a way to get around it that others are
using?  The ideal thing would probably be if I could get pppd as run by
diald to *ignore* /etc/ppp/options and /etc/ppp/options.ttyS1, or
override their settings, but I don't see a way to do this.  I haven't
spent a whole lot of time on this yet, but kind of hoped someone else
had done it already.  

Thanks in advance.

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