disabling sockets for running processes

disabling sockets for running processes

Post by Alp » Sun, 31 Dec 2006 08:44:06

What are the numbers shown at /proc/pid/fd for sockets or pipes?
Example: socket:[15778]

Is it possible to limit data rate or disable sockets of running
processes? If it is possible, how can I implement it and do I need to
write code in kernel-space?


1. does socket funtion __so_recv run in process?

I am looking at performance issues with a sybase 12.5 database
application running on solaris 2.6.  A tool from rational called
'quantify' is showing that 99% of the cpu cycles are being spent in a
funtion called __so_recv()  which is called by client libraries
related to retreiving data from the socket.

Can anyone shed some light on __so_recv? I cannot tell if this is part
of the sybase ctlib implementation or the solaris tcp implementation.


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