Client side problems with router

Client side problems with router

Post by mrcode1.. » Wed, 20 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I am going nuts with this problem.  I am on a
heterogeneous network of Windows 98, NT, 2K, and
Solaris boxes running though a Cisco 2600 router
to a T1.  I recently installed Red Hat 6.2 on my
box since Linux is my preferred OS for
development.  My box is a Dell OptiPlex with a
supported 3COM NIC.

Basically the problem is that when the router's
IP is configured as the default gateway on my box
I have horrible network performance: 70%+ packet
loss on pings, horribly slow traceroutes, and
Netscape and other TCP apps seemed to be slowed
down too (though they do work.)  If I remove the
router's IP as the default gateway (hence cutting
myself off from the internet), I can ping the
local network fine and all looks good.  When I
add it back even pinging locally is affected as
described above.

For debugging purposes I even set up my box on a
completely different subnet running over another
router and T1 and had the same exact problem.  On
my same box Win2K is fine, therefore I have
narrowed down the problem to either be Linux or
some strange router configuration that only
affects Linux.

Do any of you network gurus have any suggestions
for this?  I really want to use Linux on my box
here, but with bad networking I only see trouble
in the future.

Thanks a lot,
Ryan Leavengood

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