Need help with packet filtering

Need help with packet filtering

Post by wart » Mon, 12 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I'm having trouble with some rogue packets.  I have dial-on-demand set
on my Linux-2.0.35 box using kerneld/request-route.

My IP address is assigned dynamically from my ISP every time I dial out.

Sometimes after I disconnect, I notice that the modem immediately dials
out again.  Using a packet sniffer, I discovered that some packets that
were marked with the old IP address are trying to be sent after the
connection is closed.

Is there some way I can flush the buffer, so to speak, for these
Might it be possible to use ipfwadm to junk the packets so that
they never attempt to get sent after the connection is dropped, but
allow a new connection to be established when needed?



1. Help needed with packet filtering / bandwidth shaping

I need to allocate/control bandwidth of a small ISP  to various
stations so that each station gets specific bandwidth.

The Situation:

Our client is using a wireless router called NCL1170 (manufactured by
Wave Rider, Inc.) to provide Internet bandwidth to multiple customers.
It is being used in a point-to-multi-point mode. As far as we
understand, there is no feature that can allocate / control bandwidth
to each of the customer stations.
             ________                               ________
            |        |       |--(       )--|       |        |
Internet -->|NCL1170 |------>|             |------>|NCL1170 | 1Mbps
 8Mbps      |Master  |       | TX       RX |       |STN1    |
            |________|     -----         -----     |________|

                                        )--|       |        |
                                           |------>|NCL1170 | 4Mbps
                                        RX |       |STN4    |
                                         -----     |________|

Is there a way I can introduce a Linux box at the Master end and
control the bandwidth that goes to each station?

I greatly appreciate any pointers that will help me in this direction.


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