netscape 3.1

netscape 3.1

Post by javier vazqu » Sat, 15 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I have installed Netscape 3.1 when I run it they charge but they hang
up .Sometimes entire X han up.
Tanks in advance.
Javier Vazquez Remirez


1. Redhat 4.2 Netscape 3.1 coredump

I have been having trouble on a simple form and cgi-script.  My server

is apache 1.1.3 new redhat 4.2 and either caldera's or netscape's

3.1 navigator.  The set of programs work on windows95  netscape, and

solaris netscape, even 95's internet explorer.  The program even works

on aol but I get random core dumps on my server running netscape.  

The program is a simple form with a cgi-bin (perl) mail-to, on the

back end.  The cgi program checks if the lengths are greater

than 0 and if they are it emails the info.  On my server the form loads

ok but when you press go or enter the whole netscape session coredumps.

There is not a core image that I can find,  the binary wasn't compiled

with the right option to get an image.  I have also noticed that every

once in a while I hit a snag while surfing w/ netscape that seems to

lock up netscape and in doing a ps -aef | grep netscape reveals the

program starts to take up many processing cycles until I have to kill

the process.  This would normally be caused by a memory leak.  Has any-

one on had simular experiences?  Do I need to update any libraries?

Any help would be great!



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