Guest FTP chroot problem

Guest FTP chroot problem

Post by Terry Letsc » Fri, 10 May 1996 04:00:00

I have an interesting problem.

According to the wu-ftpd guest howto
(, one can make a guest ftp
account chroot'ed by including the following path for the home directory
in the /etc/passwd file:


where /etc/ftponly is in /etc/shells, and is a script that simply exits.
I thought this would chroot the ftp session to the guest subdirectory,
but when I ftp as this person, I get:

230-No directory! Logging in with home=/
230 User username logged in.

And it does make the home directory the system /! Certainly not what I

I am using the Slackware release, 1.2.13 kernel, and wu-ftpd 2.4.2b9.

Any insights would be appreciated.

Terry Letsche


Guest FTP chroot problem

Post by Ashok Aiy » Sat, 11 May 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>I have an interesting problem.

>According to the wu-ftpd guest howto
>(, one can make a guest ftp
>account chroot'ed by including the following path for the home directory
>in the /etc/passwd file:


I have not read the "guest-howto" that you refer to, but I have
setup guest accounts before.  Let's say that I wanted the user
"guest" to be chrooted to the directory "/home/guest", then I
would have to do the following:

a) entry in /etc/passwd
replace /bin/false with your favorite shell)

b) Create group in /etc/group called ftp-guests, with guest
belonging to that group

c) Add the shell "/bin/false" to /etc/shells

d) Create and appropriately populate the following directories
/home/bin - should contain "ls" and any other binaries you wish such
            as zcat, gzip, compress etc. etc.  These should be mode
            111, owner root, group root.
/home/lib - should contain the dynamic loader and libc for the
            binaries in /home/bin
/home/etc - should contain a dummy passwd and group file

e) Edit the ftpaccess file, and add/edit the following line
guestgroup ftp-guests

Ashok Aiyar

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