Newbie Routing

Newbie Routing

Post by gutow.. » Tue, 07 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to get my Microsoft machines to see the net through my
RH6.1 box.  I have eth0 connected to my cable modem (DHCP).  I also
have eth1 set up as a DHCP server for my intranet.

What do I do next?  I'm kinda new to linux so be gentle.

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1. NEWBIE: Routing problem with extra default route


I'm using Redhat 7.0, with Kernel 2.4, on a box that I'm using as a masquerading
firewall, dhcp server, dns server etc..

The problem I have is that both network interfaces are adding a default route,
when I only want one of them to.  As the machine is the gateway to the Internet,
I want only the external interface to add a default route when the interface is
brought up.

The current situation is causing me problems with ipwatch, that do not occuer
when eth0 has no default route attached (I think it is a problem with trying to
ping a server over the Internet, through the wrong interface?)

I can remove the unwanted route with a "route del ...", but as soon as I
"ifdown" the interface, and then "ifup" it, the route reappears.  Where do I
modify the network scripts to tell the machine not to set a default route for

I've looked in sysconfig/network-scripts, but no joy so far.. although I think
it may have something to do with the contents of /etc/sysconfig/network ?  There
is a GATEWAY declaration in there that matches the Gateway setting for the
unwanted route - but I can't find anything in the man pages that explains this

Thanks in advance,


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