Routing problem...

Routing problem...

Post by Francois Lecle » Sun, 09 Jun 1996 04:00:00

  I have been using my routing configuration for a while now and I decided to
make some changes on my PPP link.

  I developped a problem and I can't seem to find out where I could have messed
this up!  Now, my computer will only accept address numbers as hosts outside my
LAN.  It seems like it just cannot accept host names anymore.

  My computer is configured as a DNS and works well (nslookup works just fine
even with host names!)

  I checked my resolv.conf and host.conf and everything seems in order. (for
a begginer point of vue... ;) )

  Usually when we run route, we see all the networks and gateways attached to
the machine.  I used to see my PPP gateway as a hostname but now, it's an

  Anyone has an aswer for this?  (I bet it's an easy one! :) )