Samba smbclient/smbtar problem

Samba smbclient/smbtar problem

Post by Andy War » Thu, 13 Jan 2000 04:00:00


I have a problem with a Win98/Linux set up, I wonder if anyone can point me
in the right direction.

The set up is this: I have 4x Win98 PCs on a network to a Linux RedHat 5.0
machine running as file server and firewall/masquerade interface to the

Everything is working fine as far as I can tell, with shares and things like
smbmount working OK. I'm trying to set up Amanda to back up the Windows PCs.

The problem I have is that when Amanda uses smbtar (or when I run it from
the command line), It falls over after a while with some error like "invalid
request size". It doesn't always fall over at the same file, but always
after some time. Inside smbtar, it's just smbclient. Why should smbclient
behave like this?



1. smbtar/smbclient problem

can anyone help me with a backup problem I'm having? I'm trying to use
Amanda to backup Windows PCs under Linux, and smbtar is failing after some
time. The error message is something like "Unexpected packet size: 0" (The
exact message is hard to capture).

Has anyone seen something similar?

I'm using a 2.0.x Samba but a fairly old Linux kernel  (2.0.32). Clients are



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