Help!! Samba. Permanent mounting

Help!! Samba. Permanent mounting

Post by Thomas Rohled » Sat, 04 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi there!

I've just set up a Samba server for our LAN and I do smbmount some
ressources on Win95 machines.
Well, everything works fine until the user of the Win95 machine turns off
his computer. Samba does not recognize that the ressource is gone an the
following problems occour:
- when somebody from another windows client want's to access the missing
ressource, their explorer hangs
- when I want to do a 'ls /mnt/win95_dir' ls hangs and can only be
shutdown with SIGKILL.
- when the client joins the net again, samba doesn't recognize that it's
back. The ressources aren't accessible although they are online again.

Has anybody any suggestions how to solve the problem?
Do win95 machines send any messages to the net when going down?

Thanks in advance


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Any experiences, suggestions? Help would be real great.

thanks in advance for every help


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