SKIP for Linux and Sunscreen SKIP for W95

SKIP for Linux and Sunscreen SKIP for W95

Post by Marcel Lammers » Thu, 04 Dec 1997 04:00:00


does anybody have any experience in setting this up? I'm having some
difficulties exchanging the keys with the Certificate Discovery Protocol.

Sorry if I'm being a bit vague here, I can be more specific but it's kinda
late at the moment. If you have had similiar problems, perhaps you can help
me out.




1. WHy does up2date skip package NOT in the skip list


I'm new to up2date and I have noticed some behavior I'm trying to understand.
When I for example do a up2date -d glibc. It downloads the glibc as well
teh glibc-common but not the corresponding glibc-devel. glibc is not
in my skip list . ALso, teh glibc-devel version installed is older than
the one on RHN. Can someone tell me why this happens.

ALso, How can I ask up2date to update only a certain package group,
say only the kernel or only the glibc packaages.



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