diskless machine, bootp+tftp, can it be done without nfs?

diskless machine, bootp+tftp, can it be done without nfs?

Post by Oscar Stiffelma » Sat, 20 Feb 1999 04:00:00


Is it possible to boot diskless (using bootp + tftp) but to not mount a
remote root file system?

I would like to send the root partition as a ramdisk image from the tftp
server to the machine.  The way I am currently doing it is the machine
mounts a remote (NFS) root partition.

Thanks for any input,

Oscar Stiffelman
Stanford University Computer Science Department,
Genetic Programming, Inc.


1. diskless linux with bootp, tftp, nfs servers on os/2???

My main box at home is running warp connect 3.0.  Unfortunately I
have limited knowledge about linux, unix, and network configurations.
I use the network at work for telnet, ftp, etc. but have never had to
configure this stuff.

I want to set up a second box at home running linux with no floppy
drive, no hard drive, no keyboard, and no monitor card.  BTW, can
linux boot without a monitor card assumming the bios allows this???

I want to play with getting a system like this to boot over ethernet.
One use for this is a linux print server; I can telnet and ftp to it as
well just to play around.

I figure the first step is to get linux installed in the normal fashion
on the local hard drive, get the network stuff functioning, and then
move to a diskless configuration.

I read the etherboot/netboot faq and took a look at the source
code as well.  I have a cheap MaxTech ethernet card (NE2000
clone) in what will hopefully become the linux box.

Has anyone set up a diskless linux box that boots from a warp
box?  Looks like the faqs cover the linux side pretty good.  So
now I'm hunting for info on the warp side.  I did discover the
bootp & tftp options in the warp connect setup, but nothing about
nfs.  Is there a freeware nfs server package for warp???  Is nfs
even needed for this?

Comments and suggestions welcome.


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