DIP pulse dialing and dip.pid

DIP pulse dialing and dip.pid

Post by cem gir » Wed, 10 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Recently after upgrading my kernel dip has started to pulse dial instead of
tone dial.  Has this happened to anyone before? How do I fix it?  It's not my
init string, I know that.  Is it something to do with the dial library? Also,
no one except root can use dip without it getting messed up because it can't
write the dip.pid file to the /etc directory.  This didn't happen with
dip-3.x.xn, only with dip-3.x.xo.  Can anyone help?

Caglar Girit


DIP pulse dialing and dip.pid

Post by Uri Blumentha » Wed, 10 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I think you stumbled upon a design bug in DIP. In order to be
able to kill a DIP process via "dip -k" (i.e. when no tty was
given), DIP had to have some kind of processId stored...  The
exact location isn't relevant -  it could be /tmp/dip.pid for
all I care...

Now, to fix this correctly, DIP would have, upon getting that
"dip -k", browse the locks directory and kill the first DIP,
that corresponds to the first lock file found owned by the
user who invoked "dip -k". For "root" this doesn't work
very well, I'm afraid...

Comments? If this is acceptable, I guess in the next release
of DIP I'll put this algorithm...


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