C-News problems

C-News problems

Post by Steve Resni » Tue, 12 Sep 1995 04:00:00


I have installed C-News and all appears to be OK except:
        1. When I post via NNTP or Pnews (locally) I end up with a
           0.<time_t?>.t file in /var/spool/news/in.coming

        2. If using tin remotely, the article count increases by one, but if
           I go to the posted newsgroup there are no articles (and no files in t
           spool dir)

There is no /var/lib/news/log file, and the system log looks like all ran OK
.... AM I missing something here ?



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I've been haveing problems getting c-news (under nntp) to work with AIX 3.1
or AIX 3.2 ...  The problem is that it is possible to post from the local
system (the one running c-news), but from other systems the post ends up
in dead.article.  I know that the post permissions are set correctly,
because I can ftp to the nntp port 119 from another system and it says
"posting ok" - but it still doesn't work..  The nntplog file is of no help,
it says that the posting worked, and then says that it is in dead.article (
not neccessarily in that order).  Would someone tell me where they got
there copy of c-news and/or what they had to do to make it work?

Valiant Gough

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