samba and acl

samba and acl

Post by chris lusti » Thu, 11 Apr 2002 20:16:44

system: suse 7.3 with samba 2.2.3a (compiled with acl_support).

hi all,
what have i to do to  use access control list with samba?
in yast there is a packet called "acl" is this enough or must i patch the

thx for hints.



1. ACL and ACL via proplist


I have too closely related questions:

a) Is there any Access Controll List (ACL) support for FreeBSD
available, when yes, where?

b) We use alphas under OSF1 V4.0 as servers. They have ACL support,
which can be set/get remotely via the so called proplists. Using NFS the
ACL are honoured under FreeBSD, but not shown (since getacl and setacl
are not present). On the Alphas one can mount the NFS and adding the
option 'proplist' for mount makes this ACL support available to NSF
Well, I'd simply like to use them (get/setacl) on FreeBSD too.


From the manpage 'man proplist', I hope this is a standard and not
Digital specific (but I fear it is):
proplist - The storing, parsing, and retrieving of Extended File


  Digital UNIX supports the storing, parsing, and retrieving of Extended
  Attributes.  An Extended File Attribute is a name and value pair that
  contained in a variable-sized structure called a Property List.  A
  List is part of a file's metadata and can contain abstract name and
  pairs (Extended File Attributes) that can be set either by the
  system (for example, ACLs and privileges) or by a user-level
  (for example, PC File Attributes).

  Since Extended File Attributes are treated as an extension to a file's
  metadata, they are synchronously updated, thereby ensuring
  Note that Extended File Attributes set by user-level applications are
  treated as opaque and can be virtually anything.

This above all: To thine own self be true / And it must follow as the
the day / Thou canst not then be false to any man

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