isdn, teledat 150 and ipppd won't work

isdn, teledat 150 and ipppd won't work

Post by Martin Pohlac » Wed, 13 Oct 1999 04:00:00


for two weeks now i'm trying to set up the above combination. i tracked
down the problemt to the lcp phase in the beginning of the connection.
after increasing the debuglevel i find lines in my /var/log/messages:

sent <LCP ConfReq 0x01 ...
rcvd <LCP proto=0xff> ...

these repeat for ten times then the isdn card stop the connection. i
have tried all combination of options for ipppd and i also tried
different isp's. it's all the same shit everytime, except for that the
options i send are displayed in the sent line (eg. <MRU ...)

whats wrong?

hardware seems ok, because using nt 4.0 everything works fine (well, at
least the isdn stuff ;-) ) and connections to isdn mailboxes using linux
works too.

i took a look in the source of ipppd. proto 0xff is not defined. maybe
it is a kind of errorode?

any help highly appriciated

(please also  reply to martinp at gmx dot de)


1. Teledat 150, again

Just a posting to ask if someone started to write a driver for it.
If yes I would be glad to take part to the project.

(Scott Hawley, you posted sthg a few days ago about This USB Box from
Deutsche Telekom, maybe are you more concerned as a lot of other people that
do not know about that special box)

I managed to get the USB host work it detects the Teledat stuff when I plug
it in and out. But unfortunately, there is no driver available at this time.
I couldn't make the stuff work with modifying the "acm" module (so I guess
it is not ACM compliant but I am not sure...) can someone more experienced
confirm this?

My attempts to enable "modem emulation" (using the serial port) were also a
failure, maybe due to my ignorance. If someone has had success with it,
please tell me.

Anyone interested in writing that driver or started to do it? (I'll try it
alone if I have to but it might take a huge amount of time!!!)

Best regards, mit freundlichen Gr?en,
 Jaap de Haan

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