Linux and Win2K Server Co-existing

Linux and Win2K Server Co-existing

Post by Mark Olber » Tue, 26 Nov 2002 08:25:25

I have a small network of Windoze clients that are part of a domain
administered by a Win2K server. This network interfaces to the outside
world via a Linux firewall/router (which, among other things, runs
"internal" and "external" DNS [this is using bind 8.x, so I've got two
instances of named running], as well as email).

At one time I had this set up with the Win2k server using the
"internal" Linux DNS server as the DNS server for the "Windoze domain"
(192.168.1.x). Unfortunately, because Windoze doesn't play nice -- it
uses DNS to store a bunch of Windows-specific information about the
network it's administering -- I kept running into a lot of obnoxious
little problems. Nothing fatal, but time consuming.

So then I tried what I'm using currently:  I let the Win2k server run
DNS for the internal domain, and I keep it ignorant of the Linux box
accept for the latter's role as a gateway. And I keep a "parallel" DNS
running on the Linux box (so I can access the Windoze clients from the
Linux box).

This has worked fine, with one exception (involving telnet access of
the Linux box from the Windoze clients) I was able to work around...
but it sure seems like both an ugly way and a dumb way to run a

So... I'd be interested in any pointers, tips, leads, etc., on a more
"artful" solution :)

Thanx in advance for any help or advice!

- Mark


1. Advanced Print & File Server co-existing with NT Servers ?

Here is a posting from a friend who does not yet have access to the
newsgroups :-(

When configuring Advanced Print and File Server (on 3.2v5.0.2 Enterprise
with full Internet Faststart multi-user license),
your choices are:
1. Primary Server
2. Backup Server

This worked well until Headquarters mandated that all NT servers
follow standards for server names and domain names.
Additionally, there is only one domain per site.

The SCO system and the NT network are administered seperately.
When setting up APFS as a backup controller, only the NT folks
could administer accounts.  When APFS was set up as a primary
controller, it took over as the primary allowing only the SCO folks
to adminster all domain accounts.  It was stated that this is not
a unique situation, but in a "normal NT" (oxymoron) network you
work around this by setting up a system as a server that is neither
a PDC or the BDC.

I modified APFS by reverting to the former domain name.

Is there a way to add APFS to the existing domain?

Will this fix require me to re-enter users and shares?

We have researched this in the IT scripts (latest version), but there
is only like 5 entries under APFS  :-()

Thanks for your assistance.


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