question re: hardware requirements for linux router/firewall

question re: hardware requirements for linux router/firewall

Post by d rit » Fri, 04 Apr 2003 02:43:39

From my home dsl line, I run a small site for a tech community - it is
mainly text, very light on images/multimedia.  No more than about 100
visitors a day.  DSL uplink speed is currently acceptable.

The web server is behind a Linksys home broadband router, and it turns
out this is a bottleneck in serving performance to my users (I know
this b/c I have plugged the server directly into the 'net connection
and it is much faster - almost 3x - for a user than when behind the

I want to build a linux firewall/NAT router to replace the linksys.
Part of this project is to learn Linux, the other part is to do
something with old hardware.  Thus, I want to try to avoid buying any
new boxes.

That said, can you tell me if the hardware below is good enough to
- as a dedicated firewall/NAT router for my site (handling the traffic
mentioned above)
- router for net access for my other home computers
- restrict which outbound ports can be used & as much as possible
restrict access & log access to inappropriate sites
- log intrusion attempts
- run openssh for remote administration (this will ultimately be a
"headless" machine tucked in a closet)
(these tasks are all this machine will do)

64 MB Ram
2 10Mb PCI NICs
5400 RPM Hard Drive

Will this be ok, or does anyone foresee this being a bottleneck for
either internet browsing to the outside/web serving to the outside?
Should I use IPTables for the job, or is there another firewall
package I should try out?

Thank you from a newbie linux user.

- dritch


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I would like to setup a linux machine between my adsl modem and my
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services (if possible):  apache, mysql, ftp and samba.

Would this be possible (with low traffic on mysql, ftp and apache),
and is debian a reasonable distribution to choose?

Greatful for any help.

/Magnus J?verberg

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