DSL linux net unreachable, 98 net reachable

1. LINUX IP Masquerading works on dsl.net, not ameritech.net?


I'm using a PIII machine running RedHat Linux 7.1 as a firewall and
gateway to a DSL connection.  I have recompiled the kernel to use IP
masquerading, and I have setup IP masquerading for the internal
network using iptables with the specifications published in the linux

The machine belongs to a coworker, who has SBC ameritech.net dsl
service at home.  He has connected the linux machine to the service,
and he can access the internet from the linux machine itself.  When he
connects his internal network to the other network card in the linux
machine, the internal network can see the linux machine (I have samba
running on the linux machine), but the internal network cannot see the

We have DSL.net service at my office, and I connected the linux
machine to the DSL.net service and everything worked fine - both the
linux machine and the internal network connected to the linux machine
could see the internet.

So, I'm not sure where else to turn.  Could there be some limitation
in the ameritech.net service that makes it more difficult or
impossible to run a network?  The ameritech.net service is ADSL, and
the connection is made through PPPOE.  The DSL.net service is SDSL,
and the connection is just plain old TCP/IP ethernet networking.
Those are the only differences apparent to me.

Any help is appreciated,

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