Linux=>internet via NT-proxy

Linux=>internet via NT-proxy

Post by Roeland Marco Drupste » Sat, 27 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hello all,

A friend of mine is trying to access the internet on her Linux
workstation via the NT-proxy on her network. This doesn't
seem to be possible because the Linux station doesn't logon
to the PDC. Is there a possebility to make the NT server grant
the Linux station access to the proxy?

Thank you!

R.M. Drups*



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Hello everyone,

I have a Linux box that is connected to a LAN.  The LAN is connected to
the Internet through an NTS 4.0 box using Microsoft Proxy Server, as we
have only 1 IP address for the entire LAN.

Currently, I cannot make Linux see the Internet.  Netscape 4.03 for
Linux does sees it, though, but only for Web browsing (no mail or
news).   My question is, then, how do I make Linux see the Internet in
this case?

I have tried Socks5 and Squid.  Neither of them worked.  I don=B4t want t=
spend too much time with either because I don=B4t even know for sure that=

they will do what I need them to do.  This is because I don=B4t know what=

is the protocol MS Proxy Server is really using, as it may be some
proprietary mess.

Thanks in advance,

Victor R. Rivarola

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