use win2k as a PDC under a Samba server

use win2k as a PDC under a Samba server

Post by Jonas Ryse » Sun, 08 Sep 2002 23:28:25

did everybody get a win2k server running as a BDC in a samba domain?
Of course I don't really want to use it in a productive environement,
just to do some tests...

1. SAMBA PDC & Win2k Registry Write Access for users


i have a little problem that is keeping me from doing anything else (such
as writing my thesis, snif).. I would greatly appreciate any help. Here is
the deal:

i set up a samba pdc for a computer lab with win2k stations and everything
is working fine (authentication,roaming profiles, home dir mount, policy,
etc). There are a few students who need to use TI Code Composer Studio to
work with the c6000 image developers kit. Code composer needs write access
to the registry.

This groups of students need write access to certain regsitry folders. So i
used regmon (registry monitor) and found out which ones they are. What do I
do now? I can _not_ give them the write rights through policy files. Can I
have a command line in the logon.bat? probably not, since when they log in
do not have privleges to change the registry access rights. Any ideas?

Thanks :)

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