Dial-in PPP connection to Shiva Lanrover server from Linux

Dial-in PPP connection to Shiva Lanrover server from Linux

Post by Jozef Dodzi » Fri, 06 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I have not been able to establish such a connection.  The server asks for
my userid and password and the replies with "shell access denied".

How do I tell it to start ppp?

Will appreciate any help!

Jozef Dodziuk



1. Accessing Shiva Lanrover from Linux using PPP and Dial Back

Our  company  has  implemented  a system for dial in/dial back
access  to  the  Local Area Network. This is done with a Shiva
Lanrover and the protocol chosen is PPP.

Now  everybody  should be happy since Linux is able to dial in
connect  with  ppp to remote servers or allow users to dial in
and connect to the Linux box with PPP.

But  unfortunately  the  Linux  PPP  implementation  does  not
support   the  Dial  Back  implementation  used  by  Shiva.  I
believe  this  autentification protocol is called Shiva PAP or
SPAP for short.

This  protocol  is  implementet  by shiva in dials clients for
MacOS  and  Windows  3.1. With Windows95 the Shiva TCPIP stack
and  dialer  is  an  integrated  part  of  the product. So for
these platforms there is no problem.

But what about my Linux box ?

Does  anyone  here  know  about  support  for  SPAP in any ppp
implementation for Linux ?

I  sincerely  detest the idea that I should boot my machine in
Windows  to  acces  the  company  net.  So  I hope someone out
there is able to help me.

Greetings from Denmark

PS.  Please  mail  your  response directly to me. Our newsfeed
is  slow  and  unstable,  and  I may not get your reply if you
dont mail it to me.

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