Handling incoming E-Mails

Handling incoming E-Mails

Post by Cabbar Duzaya » Sun, 19 Dec 1999 04:00:00


I am trying to write a web-based e-mail software (like HotMail,
yahoomail, etc.) with which I can give free e-mail accounts to users,
but I have a problem with the incoming e-mails and creating users.

In a software like Hotmail, or yahoomail, how do you create these e-mail

accounts? I mean, I am sure that when you sign-up for their service,
they do not create a unix account for every user. Instead, all you need
is to forward all e-mails coming to your domain (for hotmail that is
hotmail.com) address to a script (perl, etc.) and this script will parse

the e-mail and store it under the user names database. But I don't know
how you can forward *all* incoming e-mails to a certain script without
creating accounts on Linux for each and every user ? Is there a software

for this ? Or any way of doing it from Linux ? Any ideas ?



1. Mail for MY e-mail is acting strange today (no incoming e-mail)

OK, here is a strange one.

along, an SMTP connection to our ISP, and we read e-mail via POP (Outlook
Today, Outlook said it had a Mail Error (Timeout), so I went looking.  In
the /usr/spool/mail directory there was a bob.lock file.  So I removed it.
Then a bunch of e-mail dumped into bob (over 748mb) and it was repeats upon
repeats.  So I moved the file to my home directory under a different name
(mv /usr/spool/mail  /u/bob/text.mail) so that it would not interfere with

No deliver will not deliver local mail to bob.  Every other user is fine.
SMTP mail is coming in fine.  (bob mail is sitting in the local queue -
MMDF)  Nothing I do now will allow any mail to go to bob.  I removed the
/usr/spool/mail/bob file, and it almost immediately will create a bob file
with zero bytes.
When I do a checkmail -m, it shows all of the queued up bob e-mail showing
as bob:not yet sent

I have run a /usr/mmdf/bin/checkque (nothing abnormal shows).
I have run /usr/mmdf/bin/cleanque   /usr/mmdf/bin/cleanlck
We have plenty of free disk space (2.2 gb free) and plenty of free inodes
(7% used).
/usr/sys is mode 755, owned by sys, group sys

I even did a shutdown and restarted the system, and not e-mail will go to
I looked for any strange files in the home directory (/u/bob), nothing.

If I go to a UNIX prompt (logged on as bob) and type mail, it just moves the
cursor down to the next line and hangs. (no error, no nothing).  It is like
there is  lock file somewhere, but I have not found one.

Thanks for any assistance.
If I am missing anything above, just let me know and I will be glad to post
any further info.

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