w and wtmp under RH 6.1

w and wtmp under RH 6.1

Post by Max » Tue, 28 Mar 2000 04:00:00


I'm having trouble with RH 6.1, because not all the users logged on the
machine are shown typing the w command. In particular, the ones logged
physically on the machine (in their X session) don't show up at all.
Also, when I try to open a talk session with somebody logged on I get
the answer: your party is not logged on, when actually with ps I can see
plenty of xterms open! I don't know if it's a networking problem, the
wtmp doesn't log the X sessions at all. With RH 6.0 all was fine...

Best regards, thanks to anyone will answer



1. RH 6.1 and Mandrake 6.1 Freeze on Install

Metrobook II  Laptop -
    233 mHz PII
    80MB RAM
    Logitech GlidePoint touch pad
    TEAC CD220E CDROM drive
    1.4 GB HDD

I try to install RH 6.1 from CD from the new RHEA-044 boot disk.  It
says it finds a PS/2 port (is this the touch pad?).

If I give no parameters to the boot: prompt, it continues to read the
CD, the screen turns blue, it continues to read the CD and then it
freezes.  The only way out is the power switch.

If I give "text" to the boot: prompt, it reads the CD, offers me a
choice of languages and freezes.

With Mandrake, I can choose language and keyboard and the CD is read for
all the packages.  It says something like "some sort of PS/2 device
found on psaux" and freezes.

I've searched the "linux on a laptop" sites and can't fine the Metrobook

Anyone have any ideas?


Sr. Software Engineer
Fluke Corporation - Networks Division
  (formerly Communications Technology Corp)
Dallas, Texas


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