Problems with sources for 2.2.16 and rtl8139 net card driver.

Problems with sources for 2.2.16 and rtl8139 net card driver.

Post by Jim Broughto » Mon, 07 Aug 2000 04:00:00

After about a year of running the 2.2.12 kernel (redhat 6.1)
I figured it was time for an upgrade. So I got the newest
2.2 version 2.2.16 from both and
When using any of the configuration programs (xconfig menuconfig
or just the plain ole text version config) It will NOT let me
select the driver for my NIC a Dlink card using the rtl8139
driver (works just fine thank you) No matter what I try the
selection remains unavailable. Has anyone else had this problem
if so is there a fix or a patch to correct it. All the standard
stuff has been done to prepare for the compilation and installation
of the new kernel. The reason I got the sources from 2 places is
the above problem. What a major gaff Dlink sells a lot of nics.

Jim Broughton
(The Amiga OS! Now there was an OS)
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I am trying to get a clean 2.2.16-1 kernel source so I can do some LRP
development. I have downloaded the kernel-2.2.16-1.i386.srpm from
sourceforge and installed it. Inside of that I have untarred the 2.2.16
clean source. The problem I am having is that applying the patches produces
many errors. I have no idea about which order to apply them in and I think
this is the reason.

Can anyone tell me how to apply all the patches in the SRPM in the correct
order? Is there a shell script or something I am missing?


Erik Myllymaki

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