ISDN getting no active line w/ Teles card

ISDN getting no active line w/ Teles card

Post by B.J. Recht » Tue, 27 Jan 1998 04:00:00

When trying to start the ippd for synchroneous ppp after confiuring an
ISDN interface with one of the example scripts from the ISDN4linux
package (version 2.0) the kernel starts printing warnings:
'kernel: isdn_ppp_bind: No usable ippd device'found.

Checking things with the telecom-provider showed that no valid packets
were in effect recognized by the telephone-exchange.
Strange thing is, that the duvox (also caled moduvox) working just fine
with the same S0-bus.

Things are configured to use the EURo/DSS1 protocol for ISDN, so that
shuold be right.

I am currently using kernel version 2.0.33. with the ISDN subsystem and
PP support compiled directly into thek ernel and the Hisax driver built
and used as module.
The Hisax driver loads without any problems and states that it has added
two channels.

Even trying to a dial with  minicom via the ttyI* devices resulted in
either 'BUSY'or 'No CARRIER'. ISDNlog di not show any information at all,
which suports the statement about invalid packets.

Question is ofcourse why the kernel is sending the wrong packets, thus
getting no answer from the telephone-exchange and the complaining about
no usable devices.

Any help in solving this strange problem is welcome.

You can reply the the mail-adres below.

System information:
Pentium 200, 64 mb RAM, 3.2 and 850 mb IDE hd's
Teles 16.3 passivde ISDN-card using iRQ 9 io 0xd80
Linux kernel 2.0.33, with ISDN and PPP in the kernel
HiSax 2.1 driver fro the Teles 16.3 card, configured for the Euro/DSS1

ISDn4linux utilites verion 2.0, ippd 2.2.0f.

--- Bert Rechter

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