PPP setup problem

PPP setup problem

Post by Richard Whitcom » Sun, 30 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have succesfully used PPPSetup1.98 to connect to BT Internet but
have a minor problem.
The program rlelies on you to press return to get the command prompt
back.  If it did not connect and you press return it hangs up.  The
program echos "Local IP xxxxxxx: Remote IP xxxxxxxx" to the screen
when it has connected so you know to press return after this and its
My problem is, i do all my linux stuff through a telnet connection.
The "local and remote" is always echo'd to the monitor connected to
the linux box so i dont see it on my terminal.
Is there a way to alter the script (i think its ip-up) to display this
info to whatever tty im logged and and dialed from as it would be
extremely usefull ?

I think it send to /dev/stdout by defautlt
I am a total begiiner and understand almost nothing.


* please reply via email if possible*


ICQ UIN 1556459


1. PPP Setup problems and general problem in fvwm

I'm using slackware 2.0.3 and I've got everything working except these
three things.

When I start a Xwindows application such as emacs or xfig, it thinks
that my screen is bigger than it is and starts the application off in
two of my virtual screen windows.  Sometimes when I start it on the
first desktop, I won't be able to move it cuz the top is un-reachable by
mouse.  Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

I have a pager that manages the desktops.  I have 12 windows in this
thing, I want to decrease this to about 4.  How do I do this?

I've been trying to set up PPP.  I have tried various methods of doing
this but no success.  I used minicom to first login to my ISP and then
quit minicom to start pppd.  I've tried a chatscript but it didn't work
either.  Does anyone know how I can use chat so that I can see what it
is sending the modem and what the modem is responding with?  It seems to
be trying to connect but hangs up on me after a while.  When I type
"ifconfig" which is what one of the documentations said, it said that
this command did not exist.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.  I've been struggling with linux
setup for weeks and I still can't get it working perfectly the way I
want it to.  It's very frustrating.

Paul Tsai

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