Linux and cable connections. Interesting problem

Linux and cable connections. Interesting problem

Post by spamfil.. » Fri, 23 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Having a major hassle with my cable provider, it ran great for a week
or so, using dhcpcd and i was happy. Now all of a sudden it doesnt work.

Some details, my cable provider requires a "logon" (using a www page)
this is because they intend to set the service up that you (for
instance) can have no monthly charge, but a traffic fee, or pay extra
for more bandwidht when you need it.)

Windows NT / 98 / 95 and MAC (yech) all works just great.

Linux GETS an ip, gets a resolv conf


Which seems correct.

Ip is in the 212.181.1[38-41].[2-254] ranges, and i get a default GW
which is always 212.181.x.1 and i get a default Route (which cant be
reverse DNS'ed tho, route 'stalls' for two minutes or so, route -n
works tho)

However, i cant even PING the gateway (which works under the other
operating systems). Also, before i HAVE authenticated on the www page,
i cannot resolve any hostname except (under linux
however i cant nslookup anything at all)

Does ANYONE have an idea what is goign on? (I'm currently running
slack4, using the dhclient to config)

And all suggestions to traceroute/pign something wont work, because
before i actually HAVE authenticated, i simply can't do that :( ( i can
pin gmy own IP tho *lol*)

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