ANNOUNCE: DosLinux - kernel 2.1.130

ANNOUNCE: DosLinux - kernel 2.1.130

Post by Kent Robott » Mon, 07 Dec 1998 04:00:00

DosLinux is a relatively small distribution of the linux operating

This is not a umsdos version of linux, it's a loop version that
uses the standard linux ext2 filesystem.

It can be installed on an existing dos system i.e. msdos, pcdos,
drdos, and win95/98 in dos mode.

There's no need to create a partition or repartition to install
doslinux, because it will just occupy a file i.e.
C:\doslinux\system\doslinux.img on your existing dos system.

Read DosLinux.README for further info at the site below.

You'll need about 40 megabytes of free space on your dos system
to unpack doslinux.

DosLinux doesn't include X windows or the gcc compiler, but these
are easy to install on doslinux, just read /usr/doc/guides/ and gcc-doslinux after you install doslinux.

DosLinux has support for IDE, SCSI, & PS/2 hard drives, Ethernet cards,
IDE & SCSI cdrom drives, Tcp/ip networking i.e. SLIP/PPP, Floppy drives,
Serial & Non serial mice, Parallel printers, PNP support, PCMCIA support,

If you're not sure if DosLinux will boot on your system get 'setup.exe' and
'image.exe' or 'imageapm.exe', try to boot the small loop linux system, if
it boots then get doslnx68.exe.

If you can't boot the small loop linux system there's no point getting

You need 'setup.exe' anyway to setup DosLinux, you don't have to get it
again any future versions of DosLinux will use the same 'setup.exe'.

Read HowTo.Install.DosLinux at the site below.

The DosLinux kernels are version: 2.1.130
DosLinux is a 100% libc6 system.
You need at least a 386 CPU and 8MB of RAM = Memory to use DosLinux.

Title:          DosLinux
Version:        68
Entered-date:   06DEC98
Description:    A small linux libc6 system that can be droped into an
                existing dos system, i.e. msdos, pcdos, drdos, etc.
                & win95/98 in dos mode.
                About 28 mbytes uncompressed, 13 mbytes compressed.
                Contents: doslnx68.exe 10484Kb or 10732741b
                          setup.exe    1312Kb  or 1341507b
                          image.exe    940Kb   or 959628b
                          imageapm.exe 628Kb   or 640065b
                          modules directory.
                          packages directory.
Keywords:       HowTo.Install.DosLinux & DosLinux.README

Platforms:      Dos/Win95/98
Copying-policy: GPL


ANNOUNCE: DosLinux - kernel 2.1.130

Post by Pete Cho » Sat, 12 Dec 1998 04:00:00

> [DosLinux] is not a umsdos version of linux, it's a loop version that
> uses the standard linux ext2 filesystem.

If you are interested in this kind of thing, you might like to have a
look at EasyLinux (
EasyLinux uses a loop device in a similar way, but the rest of the
distribution is standard RedHat.

(Disclaimer: I am responsible for EasyLinux so I am biased!)

            fax    +44 (0) 181 680 8474,   mobile +44 (0) 468 765 645,
            post   58 Foss Avenue, Croydon, CR0 4EU, England


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