TCP/IP routing question...

TCP/IP routing question...

Post by Derek Kwa » Mon, 25 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi there...

  I have got a Linux box and hooked up to internet through a ISP via CSLIP. and
now I have got another computer wich is running DOS/Windows. The DOS/WIndows
box also be able to get to Internet through the same ISP via CSLIP. Now I would
like to connect two computer together using a ARCNet, I have been able to logon
(telnet0 to my Linux box from Windows. and I can also get my Linux box to the
Internet via ISP. However I wasn't able to have my DOS/Windows box to go
through my Linux box then go to the Internet. (Of cource my DOS/Windows box in
this case will have to use a difference IP address than my Linux box.....) The
trouble is I cannot get another IP address from my ISP, is there anyways I can
have my Windows box to get on Internet and using my Linux box as a router? (I
don't care if no-one sees my Windows box from outside, as long as I can see the

Derek Kwan


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A friend has the enviable possition of having one router and
two ISP's.  The goal is to have the DMZ/internet servers use
one ISP, and the internal net and desktops use the other.
The cisco router always seems to use one isp and not the other.

Can the internet server specify the route, past the router,
and to the ISP of it's choice?  How?

a summary of the solution will be posted.


Pamela Pledger



Taos Mountain 

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