PPP server problems with win95

PPP server problems with win95

Post by Kalevi Hautanie » Tue, 03 Sep 1996 04:00:00

: dialup line.  I am using mgetty to actually answer the line.  I can
: log on ppp from other unix machines, but Win95 Dial-Up Networking does
: not work.  This is a problem because All the dialup users are from
: win95 laptops.  If I let win95 handle everything I get a message that
: the server type is incorrect, bt its set to PPP.  I tried opening the

I have been told that Win95 needs PAP authentication by default. So you
have to configure those laptop-accounts to utilize PAP. In Win95 Plus
pak, there's slip-scripting tools for Win95. That's another alternative.

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1. Win95's PPP <-> Linux PPP server?

I have a (working) linux PPP server, a (working) win95 box, and a
(working) Livingston Portmaster.

I can make windows 95 connect to the portmaster, and I can make another
linux box connect to the linux server, but I cannot make the win95 box
connect to the linux server.  Are there any special settings or
considerations for Win95's ppp to connect to Linux's PPP ?  Everything
works fine (including proxy-ARP) from the linux perspective, but I seem
to be stuck with win95's hidden stuff it does when it establishes a PPP
connection.  Here is my ppplogin, which runs as this user's shell when
he logs in:

exec /usr/sbin/pppd passive modem crtscts proxyarp :

(TCP/IP information for that address is correct on the windows side.
It all works great if I connect to the portmaster instead.)

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