ipchains question, need to reroute SMTP requests.

ipchains question, need to reroute SMTP requests.

Post by smilingjoe.. » Tue, 20 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hello all,

In the process of configuring linux as my home network gateway. Here is
the current configuration:

I connect to BellAtlantic ADSL service on eth0 via PPPoE (ppp1) and
obtain a dynamic IP address.

I connect to my old dial-up account (RCN) via the modem at /dev/ttyS1
using pppd (ppp0) and receive a static IP address.

I am having a problem with sending mail to my RCN account as the
packets get sent on the DSL interface, which subsequently get rejected
by RCN as they did not come from the static IP connection.

I have the DSL interface set up as the default gateway as it is soooo
much faster than the 56K dial-up connection, so I do not wish to change
that setting.

Is there a way I can re-route any packets that are destined for my RCN
mail server (smtp.rcn.com) on port 25, with a source address of my
internal LAN, to go through the dial-up interface using ipchains?

Or is there another utility that would be more adequately suited for
this job?

If ipchains is the command, could anyone give me some advice on setting
up the syntax for it, as I have tried several time to produce this with
very erroneous results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!

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Our users never see a Unix prompt or enter any Unix commands.  We have
programmed a database application between them and the system.  This
database stores all the terminal locations and which printer is closest
to them.  We have 2 LaserJet printers, "office" and "lab".  If our office
printer goes out for repair we have to manually change all the database
records that reference office, plus change and recompile all the programs
that have the printer reference hardcoded in them.  This is a big hassle.
Is there an easy way to force the system to route all office requests to
the lab so I don't have to change all our office references in the
database?  lpmove allows for a one-time move, but I need it to work for
the entire duration that the office printer is off-line.

Attempt 1: Change the printer definition so office goes to the same device
as lab.  This sort of worked but there were too many instances of reports
being dumped on each other.

Attempt 2: I added these 2 lines to the very top of the office interface file:
                lp -d lab -s $6
This works, but for some reason it makes me nervous.  For one, the system
logs two successful prints (one for each printer) when there's really only
been one.

Anyone know of a better way or am I missing something very obvious.  Thanks.

BTW, I'm using SCO Unix 3.2 v4 (ODT2.0).

Jerry Lee "3P"             //  Amiga

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