libpcap packet capture in kernel space or usermod in linux??

libpcap packet capture in kernel space or usermod in linux??

Post by xzen » Tue, 24 Jun 2008 12:28:46

libpcap README document:
                        Although most packet capture interfaces
support in-kernel filtering,
libpcap utilizes in-kernel filtering only for the BPF interface.
On systems that don't have BPF, all packets are read into user-space
and the BPF filters are evaluated in the libpcap library, incurring
added overhead (especially, for selective filters).

libpcap capture packet in kernel or user in linux? other, anybody can
get me some data for BPF or LSF/thks.


1. Simple question about Packet Capture Library(pcap/libpcap)


I am about to build some network software on RedHat 7.1.
I am going to use packet capture library.
I wonder that using the library whether I can modify packets or destory
packets that are given by other machine such as router, host, or client.
Anyone knows about it?
As I saw the document of pcap, I couldn't find that kind of functions, but
only I could see some sort of reading and filterring functions.

Can I grab those packets of which destination is another machine and look up
them and destroy them to the another machine cannot see them?

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