simple (?) mail question

simple (?) mail question

Post by Christian Stoecke » Sat, 24 Aug 1996 04:00:00

here's the problem:

a linux box with no incoming mail configured reads mail from a pop3
server with the nifty program 'getmail', making it readable with
'pine'. There's a variable FROM_HOST set so that in any reply via pine
we have the pop3 server as the correct domain. Yet the user in question
has a different login-name on the linux-box and the pop3 server.
This yields an illegal combination as the reply-address:

where   user=login name in linux machine
and     server=pop3 server.

Can pine be told to use a certain username? I know it is possible to
set a personal-name , but this does not affect the email address.

Any help appreciated.


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1. Simple Mail Admin question (I hope)...

        I am looking at setting up my Linux box as a simple mail
server (just serving mail, no connection to the Internet through it
for my users), what ways would you sugest for doing this.  I don't
want to make it hard on my service provider (ie. I don't want the
service provider to have to deal with each address that I have on my
machine, I just want to be able to create them localy).  And I don't
want my users to be recieving messages such as, "Such and such mail
could not be delivered for 3 hours."  
        Presumably there is more then one solution to this problem,
but neither UUCP or PPP seem to be the ideal solution (UUCP because to
my knowledge there is no local access to UUCP).  But any ideas would
be greatly apreciated...


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