HomeLAN <-> ISP (2 networks) How ?

HomeLAN <-> ISP (2 networks) How ?

Post by B.A » Thu, 24 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Greet's All...

   Here's the plan...  I have several computers here at home and I
need to run two different domain networks, one in the ampr.org
( domain, and the other as a dynamically assigned dialup ip
by my ISP for access to the internet.

   I'm fairly new to Linux (v2.0.27) Slackware v3.0.1, and I'm not
seeing a lot of traffic in the 'newbie' group, so I hope posting here
is OK. :)   I have a Linux ref-man (QUE), that I've been wading
through for the past several weeks, but my ISP access has finally been
turned on and I need to get the Linux gateway set up as IT is the
machine that has the speed to run on the ISDN (BitSurfer-Pro2) line.

   Oh! And lest I not relate the whole story, the radio interfaces for
the ampr.org domain will be* off of the Linux machine, but I
need to use a WfWG machine for the internet stuffs, as I haven't been
able to get XFree86 to work with my Orchid Fahrenheit ProVid-64
(S3-968) equiped (486dx4/120) Linux machine.  )-;

TIA for any help re:



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