Dial-In PPP not routing to localnet

Dial-In PPP not routing to localnet

Post by Mike Roberts » Sat, 23 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I have a setup where I dial into a Linux box using uugetty and ppp.
This works fine and I can access everything on the Linux box I'm
dialled into.

The Linux box sits on a local network and all machines on the network
communicate with each other quite happily.

I have diald installed to give access to my ISP and it has the default
route fed to sl0 for this purpose.

When I dial in using ppp I cannot access anything on the localnet but
I can get through diald to my ISP.   I have tried various settings of
route but so far haven't manage to hit the right one.

Can anyone help me get this working?



1. PPP dial-ins refused, OSR-5 with net100

We're having problems at several client sites running OSR-5 with the
rs500d and net100 patches applied.  PPP is better than it was, but
there are still problems where dial-in PPP connections will work fine
for a while, then will fail to start (usually around 10pm when I'm not
near a system to be able to check anything :-).

I have the system configured so that users logging in through a serial
port are presented with a prompt asking whether they want to start
PPP.  If they want PPP it sets the HOME environment variable and execs
    HOME=/usr/lib/ppp; export HOME
    exec /usr/lib/ppp/ppp

These all are using dynamic IP assignment with entries in the
/etc/ppphosts of the form:
*bill remote=+pool1 flow=rtscts proxy idle=60

Before I installed the net100 patches, this same behaviour would occur
(PPP works for a while then stops), with syslog entries saying the it
couldn't find pool entries once it started failing.  These messages
aren't appearing any more, and I'm still trying to isolate the

Has anybody else experienced things like this?

These machines are directly connected to the Internet via high speed
lines, CSU/DSU, and routers so there's no need for outgoing PPP, only
dial-in.  Is there any reason to have a pppd running all the time in
this case or can I comment out the startup on /etc/tcp?  The only
thing this process seems to do is generate lots of messages in the
/usr/adm/syslog file of the form:
    Jan  8 08:11:35 tally pppd[282]: can't get passwd for local host
    Jan  8 08:11:35 tally pppd[282]: getppphostent: no local host ID


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