Not quite as simple as the HOWTO would make one think ...

Not quite as simple as the HOWTO would make one think ...

Post by Guy Stalnake » Sat, 16 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Sorry to weight you all down, but I need help getting netatalk up and

1. I have a 486, 16Mb RAM, 500M hard drive, Linux Slackware 3.6, kernel
2.0.35, compiled by me yesterday to get enet card and confirm appletalk
2. I have a 3Com enet card, 3c507, that the kernel correctly finds when
it boots up:

3c507.c:v1.10 9/23/94
eth0: 3c507 at 0x300, 00 60 8c 5a d9 d3, IRQ 10, external xcvr, memory

3. I'm running on UMSDOS, but all is well (due to harddrive issues).
4. I get a lot (nearly three pages worth) of "unresolved smybol(s)"
errors when the boot process gets to "Updating module dependencies for
Linux 2.0.35" even after "make modules" and "make modules_install"
(which, BTW, I did not do before I restarted with the new kernel, but
have subesquently done, such action having no effect on the errors).
5. SLIP and PPP modules load.
6. Daemons syslogd, klogd, portmap, inetd, lpd, mountd, nfsd and
sendmail all load without error
7. The box is currently in a DHCP network environment.  I downloaded and
installed the dhcpcd daemon, and it works (that is, ifconfig reports
that the dhcp server provides the box with an IP/IP gateway/Netmask and
I can use lynx, for example, to connect to remote sources).  There are
problems, however.  I cannot use DNS services, though the dhcp daemon
clearly knows that they exist (thus I can use lynx to connect to an site
via IP [using the IP numbers rather than the name], but I cannot connect
using the name.  ncftp will not connect to any site.  I can ping the
linux box using its assigned ip.
8. I followed the netatalk HOWTO to download and install netatalk,
without success.
9. I edited the Makefile per HOWTO instructions, adding the DSHADOWPW
flag, commenting out the PAM and DES lines (I have a Slackware install
and I read the HOWTO to say that I don't need them).
10. TCP Wrappers was already installed.
11. The netatalk compile fails at link time looking for: rpcsvc.  This
directory is clearly in /usr/include.
12. So I downloaded the compiled archive and did a make install
13. No errors.
14. I copied the appropriate files to the appropriate places
15. I ran rc.atalk.bsd and go no errors.
16. The box does NOT show up in my Mac's Chooser anywhere (either under
AppleTalk zones or as an item in any zone I can see; Q: exactly *where*
ought the Linux box to show up in the chooser? as an AppleTalk Zone?).
17. I went back and added information to the asdf.conf file.  No change.
18. I *can* ping out from this box to an IP.  I *cannot* ping to a named
ip (eg., ping results in an "unknown host" error,
ping get the expected results).
19. I have started netatalk this way:

rc.atalk.sysv start

and gotten no response, no error, and nothing in the Chooser of my Mac.
I typed this:

/usr/local/atalk/etc/afpd -F /usr/local/atalk/etc/afpd.conf

and got no errors.


I CAN do an IP connection through my Mac's Chooser (the dhcp served
ip I can find via ifconfig), *but*, I cannot log in with the only
non-root user account on the box (my personal account).  I CAN connect
as guest (and the connection shows up as buckland, the box's name), but
no volumes show up in the box to which I can then mount.

Comments or suggestions are *greatly* appreciated.  BTW, all that I want
this linux box for is to be a print server for an Apple LaserWriter
Select 310 printer on a small household hub/network.  It will do NOTHING
else (no ppp, slip, novell).


Guy S.
                        J. Guy Stalnaker

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