: i need help by amd[automounter]

: i need help by amd[automounter]

Post by beast0 » Sat, 16 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello all,

I have a problem with the automounter, i use amd (package
If i want use the automounter for share a smb-drive,
if do cd beast002c then i get the following error:

becould not find mount point /a/surfbeast/net/beast002c: No such file
or directory
bash: beast002c: Operation not permitted

The directory /a is made on the drive.

Starting amd.
./amd /tmp/amnt /etc/amd.conf  

#note: eerything on one row.
beast002c type:=program;mount:="/usr/bin/smbmount smbmount
//beast002/c ${fs} -P testpaswoord -u 148 -I";unmount:="/sbin/umount umount ${fs}"

What is wrong about the config ?



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I need help in an amd/NIS configuration:


 users defined only on server and distributed to clients via NIS.

 acx01  /home filesystem with user home directories (~200) named
        /home/a101 /home/a102 /home/a103 etc...



I want to have all user directories automounted when users log into
the clients (and server as well of course).

I want to have a map

[ home ]
map_name = amd.home

My questions/assumptions:

I assume amd must run on every computer in the network.

NFS server has to run on server and /etc/exports must export /home on
server to the clients.

/etc/amd.conf on server should contain map_type=file


/etc/amd.conf on clients should contain map_type=nis

How does amd.home have to look like on server and clients?

(it's Redhat Linux 6.1 FWIW).


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