Iproute2 problem across networks using NAT and 2 internal networks

Iproute2 problem across networks using NAT and 2 internal networks

Post by John » Sat, 09 Feb 2002 05:37:17

Hi all,
Here's the deal. I have a machine that faces the internet and has an
internal network and a DMZ. I am using iproute to NAT an ip from
public to private.

ip route add nat via
ip rule add from nat

Everything works fine with the preceding route and rule when talking
to the machine from the internet. The problem is that when a machine
in the internal network, say, talks to the machine
in the DMZ, the replies get natted to, instead of replies with
the src address of The idea is to have these ip's not get
natted when going in between the DMZ and Internal Network. Thus, the
replies come from I toyed around with using multiple routing
tables but got nowhere. Please advise.

Internet -----|Firewall|---DMZ--- (NAT
           Internal Network

Internet to DMZ is working fine with NAT.
Internal Network, talking to, replies come from
I need replies to come from

TIA for any guidance.


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