wu-ftpd and ~ftp/etc/passwd

wu-ftpd and ~ftp/etc/passwd

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I'm made the upgrade from wu-ftpd 2.4.2 to wu-ftpd 2.6. There's one
thing I can't figure out is the following.
 In wu-ftp 2.4.2, I was used to define accounts in the ~ftp/etc/password
and ~ftp/etc/shadow file and now I can't no do it anymore. I made a few
test. It run ok only when the new account is defined in /etc/passwd ?
Is there any setting or configuration to get wu-ftpd using the
~ftp/etc/passwd and ~ftp/etc/shadow file ?
I have many public ftp servers, I would appreciate just copying the file
in this place instead of pasting it into /etc/passwd.

Thanks for your help

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Does anyone know solve the problem.

Bevore the upgrade all was ok.

Franz Haider

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