samba: win95->linux works, linux->win95 doesnt

samba: win95->linux works, linux->win95 doesnt

Post by Anthony Schroed » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

for some reason i can get my win95 box to see my linux samba server fine - no
problems at all.  but i can't get my linux server (the same one) to see my win95
box - really strange.  the linux server is slackware kernel 2.0.25 with the smb
compiled in, and i know this worked before, but it was kernel 2.0.24 i believe
last time it worked (it's been a while since i have tried it).  oh, and i had to
reinstall win95.

other win95 boxes see it fine also.

anthony schroeder
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samba: win95->linux works, linux->win95 doesnt

Post by Dimitrios P. Boura » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00


 Apparently 2.0.27 has a work-around for a Windows-95 bug as far as the
 smb fs goes. Grab patch-2.0.26.gz and patch-2.0.27.gz and recompile.

 Hope the above helps,


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I've collected more info on the problem I described earlier:

I've got a PC with Win95 running on it.

I've got a Linux machine running a pretty stock RedHat 5.1 installation.

The Linux machine is running Netatalk and Samba.  It's got printcap
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Our Win95 machines have problems:

Printing to the BJ-100 and the HP DeskJet 1600CM works great.  Test
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Printing to the Netatalk printers doesn't work great.  The test page
prints, but the printer then spits out a blank page followed by a page
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