Seeking Ethernet Card Purchase Advice

Seeking Ethernet Card Purchase Advice

Post by Bryan Whi » Wed, 11 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I am looking to set up a linux box with 3 ethernet ports.  Are there
any cards that work particualry good in this environment?  Any that
should be avoided?

Adaptec has a board with 4 ports on one card but its awefully
expensive ($600+).

100Mbit speed is not immediatly needed but I see no reason not to
spend a few extra bucks on the future.  For the same reasons I would
prefer PCI cards.

The motherboard has 4 PCI slots with a video card in one.  There are
no other expansion cards(ISA or PCI) in the machine.  The IDE and
floppy controllers are the usual motherboard based ports.  Will I have
problems with IRQs/PnP/DMA channels?

It would seem wise to go with 3 identical cards though I may need to
configure them to operate at different ethernet speeds at some point.
Are there drivers that work better with multiple cards?

Bryan White, If its wrong, blame me.


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I am going to inherit an old 486 machine with no ethernet card.  I'd like
to set this machine up to be the IP Masquerading gateway and PPP demand
dial machine for my little 3 machine network.  I am new (only at it for
about 3 months now) to Linux and PCs, so I would appreciate some advice on
what ethernet card to get.  Following a link on the Linux homepage, I
found 3Com <> and their 3C509B-TPO (RJ-45 connector
only) ISA ethernet card.  Is this a good/OK/bad card to get?  Thanks!


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